Course 5: Lash lifting and eyelash tinting training

Our Lash Lift and Eyelash Tinting Course is designed to teach you the skills to be able to competently offer both effective lash lifts and eyelash tints to your clients, working from home and/or mobile.

These treatments, working to dramatically enhance the eye and reduce the need for daily make-up application, therefore proving to be extremely popular treatments to offer from home and/or mobile, especially when offered together.

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What this course covers
• Client preparation
• Consultation skills
• Product information and usage guidance
• Eye and eyelash anatomy
• Contra-actions and contraindications
• Health and safety procedures
• Procedural steps for lash Lift* and Eyelash Tinting*, including best practice techniques, hints and tips
Aftercare advice
You will be required to be patch-tested 24-48 hours before the course using the tint and lash lift patch test kit that will be sent to you prior to the course. You must bring the lash lift patch test kit products along with you on your training day also in order to complete the course. Students will give and receive treatments as part of this training course. Eyelash extensions must be removed (if applicable) prior to attending the training course.
Course structure
This course is structured over one day and runs from 10am – 4pm. We ask students to arrive at 9.45am to ensure a prompt start. You will learn the theory of the treatment firstly, and spend the majority of the day practising your practical skills, with a short break for lunch.
How to book your place
Our friendly, expert Advisors are on hand to answer any questions & assist you in booking your place over the telephone*. Call on 02086179709.
Course benefits
Lash lifting treatments are aimed at those wanting long-lasting, natural-looking eyelash enhancement without the need for mascara or lash extensions; something that is desired by many and currently in high-demand. The process uses innovative, effective techniques to gently uplift and straighten the lashes, creating a more prominent, enhanced lash-line to define the eye shape of your client. Eyelash tinting, especially popular for those with fairer colouring, is an efficient treatment in creating the much-desired darker eyelashes, and can be retained on the lashes without staining or streaking. The results last approximately 6-8 weeks and once your client has tried these treatments, they will return regularly to maintain the enhanced appearance of their natural eyelashes. These profitable services can be offered together and will provide you a steady source of income from returning clients.
Course entry requirements
Our diploma courses are suitable for complete beginners and do not require any prior learning to be able to train with us; many of our students are not yet beauty trained and are looking to start up a business in the industry. We welcome students of all abilities, whether you are looking to learn a new skill from scratch or currently working as a therapist and looking to refresh your knowledge of particular treatments.
There is no need to remove lash extensions or make-up before attending the course as you will work upon a professional training (mannequin) head to acquire and demonstrate your practical skills. No kit is required to complete this course and student will receive starter kit on the day of training. You will be provided with all products/tools required to complete the training day, when you attend the training academy.
On the training day, you only need to bring a hand towel for your personal use, completed enrolment form the day.

Starter Kit for Lash lifting training and eyelash tinting training

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